Our Policy


Take note of our policies


Since we reserve the 45-60 minute appointment time for you, we ask that you give at least a 24-hour notice to cancel the appointment. It is the practice policy to charge $65 for a no-show appointment. In the event of a late cancellation, in absence of an emergency, the fee is $35. These charges are not billed to the insurance company and are due in full at the next scheduled session.

Emergency circumstances do occur and you will not be charged if you call to cancel an appointment due to any emergency. However, if you experience a family emergency or illness, please call us before the appointment to avoid a charge.

Clients who repeatedly cancel or fail to show for 3 or more of their scheduled appointments will lead to discharge from our practice.


In the event of bad weather, please call the office at 469-708-7049 to inquire if we are open. Individual therapists may call you to cancel appointments if they are unable to arrive due to inclement weather. Your therapist or the office staff will work with you in rescheduling your appointment.


The fee for our therapist to complete FMLA, disability, or other extensive related paperwork varies depending on the amount of records requested and/or the length of the report.